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Integrated Event Log

Extension Manager provides a event log tab to help the Administrator in the extension management. When an event is selected, a more detailed description (which is not displayed in the event prompt) slides down.

If the malfunction involves the access to the event log tab from the Administration panel, the log table can be accessed from any DB Client (i.e. PhpMyAdmin).


Log level can be increased or decreased from Security to Debug (including almost all the steps) from the SugarCRM Admin panel -> System Settings in the Logger Settings section.
SugarCRM provides its own default error log file (used be Dispage extensions too) in <your_sugar_path>/sugarcrm.log.

javascirpt errors

Most common browsers integrate a javascript error console which can be useful to detect a problem

Php error log

Php error log can be enabled to detect an php problem if the previuos methods do not give valuable information.

First, the php.ini option file must be located in the filesystem.
Then, the following directives must be set

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
log_errors = On
error_log = <path_to_an_error_log_file>

Where <path_to_an_error_log_file> is the path to a directory that must be writable by the webserver.

In some Linux OS the error_log file is not created correctly despite the right permissions. To overcome this, it must be manually created by launching the command

touch <path_to_an_error_log_file>
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