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New series of dispage products require additional information on SugarCRM™ installations.

SugarCRM Administrator is asked to enter a 16-character serial code, which uniquely identifies the license, during the installation process of the FULL (Paid) versions of all extensions, whereas the serial code is automatically generated and downloaded for DEMO versions. Then, Administrator is asked to select an environment.

Environments can be of two types: Production and Development


Production is the live environment where the Administrator intends to run the dispage extension for all the SugarCRM users existing in that installation.

For Enhanced Studio only: Any number of production installations is allowed. The same serial code must be used in all the production installations

For the other paid extensions: Only one production installation is allowed. Each serial code can be entered in one Production installation only.


Admininstrator may designate the SugarCRM Installation as a Development environment, meaning that the installation is for development, staging, training, integration or testing purpose.
Each serial code can be used in up to 3 Development installations.

Dispage extensions are fully functional in both the Production and Development environments, but they can be activated for up to 3 SugarCRM users in Development environment. Another significant difference is the way the user's data are sent to dispage when SugarCRM users log in. Username is md5 encrypted before being sent to dispage resource center in Production installations, whereas it is sent in clear in Development Installation. This is due to two reasons: SugarCRM users are supposed to be testing user in development installation so no privacy restriction is applied to their username, and this way usernames who have access to the extension are available to be managed (added / removed) by dispage on Administrator's request.

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