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Jelliphy Loader is an extension, currently available for the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox, that integrates Jelliphy in such browsers.

Jelliphy Loader has two functions, the GUI Loader and the Custom Bookmarklets Loader, that can be activated by enabling the GUI Mode and the Run Mode (the GUI Mode and the Run Mode cannot be enabled at the same time).

The Jelliphy Loader extensions, Jelliphy Lite and Jelliphy Extended can be used for FREE.


GUI Mode

When the GUI Mode is active, the Jelliphy GUI is loaded automatically in each web page.

When this mode is activated, you can change any page from the browser with Jelliphy while navigating the web, and the changes are automatically recalled each time that the same page is visited.


How to use it

After installed the Jelliphy Loader extension specific for your browser, you need to add the Jelliphy Extended Bookmarklet (you can get it for free at this page) or the Jelliphy Lite Bookmarklet to your favorites.

Then, activate the GUI mode, and the extension simply loads the bookmarklet you have added each time that a web page is loaded.

Run Mode

Apply the last changes

Changes performed with Jelliphy GUI can be applied again without having to load the GUI.

While the Run Mode of the Jelliphy Loader extension is enabled, your changes are applied to the pages in which you performed them each time you visit those pages.


Apply the custom bookmarklets

Also enable the Run Mode if you want to apply the changes in a custom bookmarklet without having to click it.

This way you can also share your changes with the world and use any shared bookmarklet (a collection of working bookmarklets is freely available at the dispage website).

Jelliphy Loader extensions

Jelliphy Loader for Chrome Chrome-Logo.png


1- Start Google Chrome

2- Go to the Jelliphy Loader page at the Chrome Web Store

3- Click the "Add" button


The active mode is displayed in a caption of the Jelliphy Icon at the top left of the Navigation Bar


The default status is "OFF", that means that no mode is active.

To enable the GUI Mode or the Run Mode, click the Jelliphy Icon and then select the mode.

Jelliphy Loader for Firefox Firefox-Logo.png


1- Start Mozilla Firefox

2- Click the Jelliphy Loader Extension link

3- Click "Allow" in the Popup asking for your permission to install the extension


Once the extension is installed, two icons are added at the top left of the Navigation Bar


To enable the GUI Mode click the "GUI" icon or click the "Tools → Jelliphy: Enable GUI" menu item.

To enable the Run Mode click the "RUN" icon or click the "Tools → Jelliphy: Run Custom Bookmarklets" menu item.

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