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If Extension Manager cannot connect to the Dispage Resource Center, one of the following warnings is displayed.

Could not connect.png     Could not connect cached.png

(The first one is echoed if the connection has never been established, whereas the last one appears if the login popup has been retrieved from the EM cache in a previously successful session.) unreachable

The EM logger appends detailed info to the sugarcrm.log file (located in "<your_sugar_path>/sugarcrm.log").

Warnings like the following

 HTTP Error: Couldn't open socket connection to server 

might indicate that is unreachable from the server on which SugarCRM is running. To make sure of this, a simple


may be launched from the server. If this reveals a connection problem, it can be overcome by opening port 80 to

Password encryption error

If the problem has come out after an extension update or a SugarCRM upgrade, it may be due to a the corruption of the encrypted password stored in "<your_sugar_path>/config.php". The corrupted password, as decrypted, may crash the SOAP connection to dispage

To fix the problem, the following settings must be manually changed to in the config file:

'password' => '',
'autologin' => 0,

Then the password has to be re-entered from the login popup and the issue is fixed.

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