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dispage extension ModuleSurfer
Enhanced Search
Enhanced Studio
extension releaseModuleSurfer 1.0.03
Enhanced Search 3.1.02
Enhanced Studio 3.1.03
SugarCRM version
SugarCRM editions
Server OS
PHP version<= 5.2.4
DB Engine
MySQL version
Fix versionModuleSurfer 1.1.00
Enhanced Search 3.1.03
Enhanced Studio 3.1.04

dispage extensions' functionality is compromised if running php version is less or equal than 5.2.4.

The following message appears

<Extension_name> cannot be activated due to the expiration of the cached decryption key.
Connect to DRC to reload the key.

then the default SugarCRM behavior is restored.

The bug, fixed in the upcoming extension releases (ModuleSurfer 1.1.00, Enhanced Search 3.1.03 and Enhanced Studio 3.1.04), is caused by a php code decryption error with php interpreter version <= 5.2.4 .

See also Modulesurfer decryption key expiration issue

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